Be fibre ready with the ASUS RT-AC88U

Date: 8th Feb, 17

If we look back roughly 10 years, most people (specifically, gamers) will tell you of their plights with online gaming and browsing. It’s no secret that South Africa's internet infrastructure is subpar, but that’s slowly changing as Fibre becomes more available for commercial use.

Over the past several years Fibre rollout has begun in certain areas in South Africa. If we look at a timeline from 2010-2016 you’ll notice the amount of Fibre to Home options which became available from our local ISPs. While some areas are still in the dark (without fibre), others have begun the transition to fibre which is, as MyBroadBand put it, “killing ADSL”

MyBB discussed the declining rate of copper-based infrastructure throughout the globe, noting an 11.6% drop year-on-year. The next interesting excerpt is the growth of fibre-to-home, which has “increased by 76.9% between Q3 2015 and Q3 2016.”

It’s important to note that these significant drops of copper-based tech and the increase in fibre was most notably seen in the Americas. Unfortunately for us, ADSL and VDSL are still the dominating technologies in South Africa, but that’s not to say that a similar trend in the rise of Fibre won’t happen here.

Being future-proof means that you are preparing yourself for a new technology that will eventually become a necessity. As FTTH continues to grow, the cost will also become more and more affordable.If you’re tired of latency issues while gaming or streaming videos,  ASUS’s RT-AC88U is your future-proof answer.

RT-AC88U has an exclusive built-in game accelerator from WTFast, a  Gaming VPN which has helped millions of gamers around the world improve their gaming experience. This router will boost your home’s network while prioritising gaming for smooth and reliable gaming.

Don’t be left behind when your area becomes fibre ready, and make sure you have to tools to optimise your gaming experience.