Twitch is changing it's subscription system

General Gaming
Date: 19th Apr, 17

Twitch has been undergoing a number of changes over the past few months, many of them already detailed and revealed (and working great). The latest change coming to Twitch, however, was leaked earlier this week and it shows changes coming to the subscriptions for partnered broadcasters.

The leak did its first rounds on Reddit and was further discussed on other platforms. What is is a new subscription service offers $10 and $25 subscription options for viewers. The opt-in beta email which was leaked shows new tiers of emotes from 14 to 50 which viewers will unlock.

The new system will benefit both streamers and viewers, as the email states, the new emotes and functions tied with the higher subscriptions are set to promote community growth which is on a massive climb as of late.

"Any viewer purchasing any first-time sub will now able to send a custom message," the email said. "You'll also be able to offer coveted exclusive emotes for higher-priced subscriptions, which let fans show off their commitment to your channel."

The new prices are pretty steep, and while some might think it’s not worth it, in the long run it may be. We’re often paying a lot more money for entertainment and one thing we get from streamers we’re willing to support is a constant stream of content almost daily. I personally think it’s great and it will make a great and easy life for some of Twitch’s biggest stars, but that may be the underlying issue right there - it may only benefit some of the bigger streamers and the rest might not see the benefit, yet.

Needless to say Twitch’s recent rollouts of new content is something to look forward to and this new subscription fee is going to do some good in the long run.

By Kyle Wolmarans