Peter Moore joins Liverpool FC as CEO

General Gaming
Date: 19th Apr, 17

Peter Moore, a name synonymous with development within in the gaming industry has left Electronic Arts to take up a position at his beloved Football Club, Liverpool. Peter Moore moves from the head of EA’s esports division to the CEO of one of the biggest Football Clubs in the world.

Peter Moore has quite the gaming résumé after starting out as the President and COO of Sega America, Moore moved on to Microsoft in 2003 to work alongside Xbox. After Microsoft Moore joined EA in 2007 where he was promoted to COO four years later and finally in 2015, with the rise of esports, was promoted to the Chief Competition Officer.

Moore’s departure from EA was announced in February, but after being set to leave in June only, Moore announced his departure yesterday via Twitter.

“If you work in the industry, I am in awe of what you do in bringing games to life in ways we could have only dreamed of a few short years ago. If you are a gamer, take a deep breath and a moment of reflection occasionally and admire the incredible creativity of the medium you love. And if a game disappoints, provide constructive feedback, not the vitriol that is unfortunately so prevalent nowadays.”

He also shared a little memory video, shown below.

Moore’s move to Liverpool brings a bit of hope that his esports and competitive gaming experience will further close the gap between conventional sports and esports. A number of Football Clubs have already joined in on esports and it won’t be a surprise if Liverpool are the next big premier league team to get involved.

By Kyle Wolmarans