Overwatch Seasonal Events could be permanent one day

General Gaming
Date: 25th Apr, 17

Overwatch’s events have been a huge hit since Lucioball, Junkenstein and the latest King’s Row Uprising took players by storm. The only issue is that these events are around for a limited period of time, often not enough to our liking. This might change as Blizzard hope to make past events permanent… one day.

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan took to the forums to once again talk the point over.

"We might someday make Seasonal Events available when the events are not running, but for now, it's not a priority due to the technical challenge," he said. "We also do like keeping the events rare and special."

The thread sprang up around discussions of King’s Row Uprising and how it differs from other events.


“For Uprising, we had two stretch goals:

“One was to allow "All Heroes" to play the event. It might not seem hard but there were a lot of edge case/bug fixes for us to handle.

The other goal was to put Uprising into Custom Game during the event. There were enough challenges technically with doing this that we ended up not achieving this goal.”

Uprising is arguably the best PvE Overwatch has seen, and players are loving it. This is why the team are considering the possibilities of making these modes permanent in the custom games lobby. Wouldn’t you love to play some Lucioball? Shoot snowball’s once again, or even have another crack at Junkenstein’s Revenge? These are all possibilities and we all know how Blizzard love to please their Overwatch fans. Let’s hope this becomes real within the next few months!

By Kyle Wolmarans