Niantic make some changes to wild encounters

General Gaming
Date: 24th Apr, 17

The Silph Road Subreddit are back at again digging deep into Pokemon GO’s latest updates. The newest, and one of the biggest, updates includes changes to how you encounter wild Pokemon while out your daily hunts.


The change has to do with their core stats stating that each Pokemon Trainer will encounter different Pokemon with different stats. Initially it was only the Combat Power (CP) which changed with your trainer level, but now it seems IV, Movesets, Weight and Height are all in accordance with your trainer level.

It’s unsure what the reason behind these changes are Niantic are yet to release any more of the Legendary Pokemon, or more of the Shiny Pokemon (like the Shiny Magikarp). What we have seen are reports of Pokemon being caught from the same spawn having different stats for people with different levels.

Many are taking this as some sort of action against spoofers and cheaters as the change in IV can make it hard to detect and catch Shiny Pokemon and others too. Niantic have been very vocal in the recent months as the continue to tackle cheaters, but the update we’re still waiting for is the player-vs-player combat.


By Kyle Wolmarans.