Hanamura brings Genji and more

General Gaming
Date: 18th Apr, 17

It might be time to reinstall Heroes of the Storm! Genji, the cyborg assassin from Overwatch is making his way into the Nexus to fight alongside the other heroes of Blizzard. Tracer, Lucio and now Genji make up the Overwatch team fighting alongside legends like Thrall, Jim Raynor, and even Diablo himself. How will this fast paced ninja-assassin fair? Only time will tell.

Genji will come in as a rather high skill assassin with abilities which somewhat mimic those in Overwatch. He’ll have his Shuriken, which launchings 3 Shuriken in a spread pattern, but it will have 3 charges. Each Shuriken will deal 65 damage with 3 charges replenishing over time. Deflect will protect Genji for 1.25 seconds. Unfortunately he won’t be deflecting abilities like in Overwatch, but will instead hurl a Kunai at the enemy with heroes receiving priority. His final basic ability, which is probably the coolest, is his Swift Strike which causes Genji to dash through his enemies dealing damage in a line. If an enemy dies the ability is reset. Great for creep clear. His two Heroic Abilities include his Dragon Blade which is an 8 second active spell causing Genji to lunge forward and strike in an arc. It will have to be reactivated to cause the lunge. X-Strike is his second Heroic Ability which causes Genji to perform two big slashes dealing 135 damage each, the Slashes will explode causing a further 270 damage to heroes in the area.

Genji will arrive with the Hanamura map update, his home town map on Overwatch. The two-lane map will take place on the grounds of the Shimada Castles in Hanamura and it will be a new type of payload map, like Overwatch. Pushing the payload to the Nexus (once defeating buildings) will make the Nexus vulnerable, but it can only be damaged by the payload once it knocks it back. An overview of Hanamura is shown below.

By Kyle Wolmarans