The University eSports Championship

Date: 2nd Sep, 16

Grassroots development in any industry is crucial to its future and success. It’s with that notion that Orena would like to announce the "University eSports Championships", a step in the right direction to further the growth of competitive gaming in South Africa.

Gaming, in whichever form, is part of almost every student culture. Being competitive by nature, inter-varsity competitions have always acted as proving grounds for those who have the means, and the individuals, who aspire to win. It has existed across all mediums for decades, and it’s time to find out who will hold the torch as the number one eSports University in South Africa.

Friday the 2nd  Cape Town, South Africa The University Esports Championship is a nationwide competitive event which encompasses the best University E-Sportsmen competing in some of the most popular “Computer” and “Console” games of the modern era!

The tournament will begin with an online qualification phase run on, where teams will compete in a knockout tournament to determine the “TOP” university teams in the country.

Registrations open today (2nd of September) and will run until the 12th of September. All games will be played through the Orena platform, where registrations will take place as well.

The official season begins on the 13th of September where teams will face off in the ladder with the top teams making it into the Grand Finals starting on the 14th of October.

All coverage will handled by Orena, including a host of personalities for the online event. The University eSports Championships will include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Rocket League.

Full info and registration: