The NBA Senior Vice president joins the NBA 2K League

Date: 29th Apr, 17

The ever growing partnership between Take-Two's NBA 2K franchise and the National Basketball Association is growing closer as the NBA's Senior Vice President Brendan Donohue joins the league as the Managing Director.

Take-Two announced yesterday that their new Managing Director will move from his position as the Senior Vice President at the NBA, in charge of team marketing and business operations, to head the upcoming professional NBA 2K league. The new league will replicate the official NBA tournament, a first and crucial step in briding the gap between conventional sports and esports.

“We’re thrilled that we already have in place a seasoned sports executive to lead this new league,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. “The fact that Brendan knows the NBA inside and out is a huge bonus and will enable us to ramp up this venture in record time.

The NBA league will see teams of five, each run and sponsored by the official NBA teams, and go through the same playoffs and seasons parallel to the official NBA league. Not all NBA franchises are taking part from the beginning, but we're already seeing more than half of the 30 NBA teams taking part.

The new league marks a first of its kind in the United States, a system which has been tried and tested in Europe alongside Electronic Art's FIFA football.