KQLY to trial for Vexed Gaming

Date: 2nd May, 17

Valve’s poster boy for VAC bans is hoping to make a momentous comeback to the professional CS:GO scene.

Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian was banned back in 2014 after a lengthy investigation found him guilty of using the third-party software during competitions. KQLY, who then became a “meme” was barred from competing at any Valve-sanctioned events, and in turn, all events since nobody would take a player who might cost them money or a championship.

This happened to Titan, the team KQLY was a part of during his tenure as one of the hottest players in the French scene. Titan, with an outstanding performance from KQLY, went on to win the Dreamhack Stockholm Invitational and were favourites heading into Dreamhack Winter where KQLY was vac banned just a week before ending in Titan’s immediate disqualification. What happened next was an onslaught of “hackusations” as other players now doubted almost every single competitive player after KQLY flew under the radar for so long.

KQLY is back, and after roughly two and half years he will return to CS:GO with Vexed Gaming. This will be a trial run for KQLY ahead of the ESL Championship in Paris. KQLY’s returns comes after the March 23rd ESL announcement that players who have served two years on their VAC bans can return to ESL events.

KQLY’s trial will be interesting to watch,  he always defended himself saying he didn’t really cheat and it was a once off thing, so we will have to wait and see if he still has the same skill as he did when he was “cheating.”

By Kyle Wolmarans