Group exit for South Africa at WESG

Date: 13th Jan, 17

WESG has come to an end for South Africans taking part in the $1.5 million tournament. After a successful qualifier last year in Dubai, teams and followers were feeling optimistic about the upcoming global finals in Changzhou, China. All eyes were on the Bravado Gaming CS:GO team as their international performances were growing with each appearance, while the Bravado Dota 2 team made use of two standins for the finals. South Africa's Drager (Starcraft II) and The3Jok3r (Hearthstone) also faced a tough road ahead, but unfortunately, all teams were sent home today as the group stages came to an end.

Ashton "Golz" Muller with the rest of Bravado Gaming CS:GO catching up on some sleep.

Bravado Gaming Dota 2 struggled against the competition in their opening group unfortunately not taking a single map, while both Drager and Th3Jok3r in their respective titles did not take a single match. The Bravado Gaming CS:GO team drew their first match against Signature, losing both to Kinguin and Space Soldiers and ending off the groups with a 2-0 victory over Five Esports Club. It, unfortunately, went down to round difference where Bravado lost out to Signature who took third place in the group.

The overall performance by South Africa did not go as we hoped, but for the first international appearance of the year, we can only imagine it's going go up from here.

Well played to all the teams!

By Kyle Wolmarans